Wednesday Webs 4-27-11

Logan Circle, Washington DC

Last weekend we visited our daughter in Washington DC. One of the things I enjoy most about this awesome city is its architecture—definitely a historical preservationist’s dream!

A few blocks away from my daughter’s place is Logan’s Circle (DC neighborhoods are labeled by the park-like circles formed at the intersections of streets and avenues). Logan Circle is primarily residential, with most of its dwellings being historic row houses.

HIstoric Logan Circle

Check out the houses in the top photo—they’re the same as those pictured in this informative sign. According to a DC neighborhood blogger, the building on the left recently underwent a lengthy renovation. Isn’t it beautiful?

My Logan Circle door of the day Not only do these homes have handsome doors, architecturally speaking; their owners also decorate the entryways to be welcoming works of art for those passing by. The same DC blogger (who pens himself as the Prince of Petworth, by the way) features these gems in his Door of the Day series.

Take a stroll through DC’s neighborhoods. They’re beautiful building blocks of our nation’s history!



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