Wednesday Webs 3-23-11

Santiago International Airport

I’ve recently come back from an eight-day Chilean hiatus and I must admit it’s been a slow return to reality. Chile is beautiful and its people are warm and charming. I’ve never been kissed so many times on the cheek!

If you’re planning a trip to Chile, I hope you don’t mind airports and flying. There’s a lot of that to get there and back. But airports are interesting, as seen above with Santiago International’s luggage sculpture. Unclaimed luggage, anyone?

  • And look—here’s a whole blog posting just on airports. Author Chris Guillebeau obviously has done a lot of traveling and has interesting insights.
  • Now that I’m back home trying to get back to the swing of things, I found this site rather fun. It’s called Daily Routines and here writers, artists and other interesting people describe how they organize their days. Oh, to be so focused and disciplined!

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