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Last year Dan Rahfaldt, of Xsell Products, called me about a website for his independent sales agency. Together, we put up a great site that markets to the power transmission and motion control industries.

Last month Dan called me for another project.

Not only am I glad to have repeat customers, but I’m especially thrilled when they’ve got innovative ideas. And Dan’s marketing ideas are spot on. He wants to regularly post a postcard on his website—one that will attract viewers with the answer to an intriguing question, and also promote his featured product and manufacturer.

We discussed several options and decided on a customized WordPress blog. I designed it to match his company website and linked it from the site’s menu. A blog allows Dan to easily add postcards and manage the page without a lot of techie know-how. In fact, he had his first post up shortly after the 60-minute tutorial I provided.

So, are you into manufacturing? Check out Dan’s postcards here. He’s got good ideas and he’ll get your products sold.

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  1. The customized WordPress blog you created for Xsell Products turned out great. The tutorial was straightforward and the page itself is easy to manage. You have responded quickly to any questions I have had, and we appreciate all you have done for us.


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