Blogging and Quilting: Lessons Learned in Both

Two of the great things about being self-employed are bartering for services and scheduling your own time. Last month, I took advantage of both when I exchanged my blog coaching services for quilting lessons.

My neighbor Chris Kirsch is an internationally-known quilter, teacher and author of two books. Her quilts are absolutely stunning! She teaches quilting at Waukesha County Technical CollegeMadison Area Technical College and workshops throughout the country. She also hosts quilting cruises—her most recent was to France and an upcoming trip is to Ireland.

Are you a quilter? And are you drooling?

Well, I sure was when I read all this in a recent newspaper article. As a self-taught hobbiest, I’ve sewn enough quilts to know I’m lacking plenty in skill and technique.

I also noticed Chris wasn’t doing any social media. By not getting involved online, particularly with blogging, she was missing great opportunities to market her books, classes, cruises…hey, even her quilts.

Needless to say we got together and talked. And sewed. And blogged.

After only a few weeks, I came out with this super Lone Star table topper. There’s no way I could’ve matched these tricky corners on my own, but with Chris’ interface technique they were as easy as clicking Adobe Illustrator’s align button.

And Chris? Well, she’s got not one, but two, new blogs online. If you’re looking for mega-helpful quilting advise, click here. And if you want to follow her quilting extravaganza to Ireland (and plan for her next trip:-), click here.

Want to learn her easy Lone Star technique? Click here for her next class.

And finally, if you need help setting up your own blog, give me a click. I can help get you going, or I can set it up and/or write for you!

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