Pie is More Than a Chart

One of the unique selling points (USP) of my word and design business is the personal, down-to-earth attention I give my clients. Working from a home office deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s dairyland sure sticks this idea. When clients meet here, they always comment on the pretty setting and how fun it is to get out in the country.

They especially like when I serve pie.

Now, pie is a good thing. I don’t profess to be an epicurean baker, but my pie is pretty tasty. And it makes an excellent visual as my clients and I formulate a plan for their communication and marketing needs.

When I ask them the six questions of journalism—Who? Where? What? Why? When? How?—I refer to them as the six pieces of the pie of good information gathering.

Who is your target audience?

What is your marketing goal?

How can we use communication to accomplish this goal?

And so on…

Examining each of these questions helps us better understand not only the project itself, but also how it relates to their business, their goals and their overall success. Each piece of the pie works together to create a whole.

Right now it’s strawberry season in Wisconsin and the berries sure are bountiful. I’m picking bowls like this every day from my little patch. I gotta say, the pies have been mighty good!

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