How do You Creatively Convey Your Message?

So, they claimed to not be creative, but I recently had a lot of fun working with three very innovative and visionary thinkers.

Two months ago I met with Rachel DiGiorgio, Jeff Inniger and David Schroeder, a committee of three (an ideal number) for the WELS Commission on Lutheran Schools. They’re planning a leadership conference for 2012 and want an identifying logo for the event. We had a great brainstorming session.

Okay, I’ll admit part of our success can be attributed to the sub sandwiches Dave brought.

But another reason we did so well is that Rachel, Jeff and Dave have a complete grasp on their mission and the message they wish to convey. They opened up and communicated very well. That’s important—to unlock the mind, think and talk freely, let the ideas flow.

Here’s what they said:

The conference theme is Christ In All to All, based upon 1 Corinthians 9:23, which says “I do this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.”

Thoughts under this theme are:

  • It’s Christ who motivates me.
  • It’s Christ who teaches me.
  • It’s Christ who strengthens me.

Obviously, Christ is their center. And its Christ’s ministry that conference attendees will share.

“We’re all in this together,” says the committee about their audience, who will be WELS school principals, teachers, pastors and school board members.

“We want them (attendees) to receive this message of Christ and go out and give it to others. We want them to take it back to their congregations so each of their members can also go out and give it to others.”

Thus explains our logo.

Birds taking off in flight is an image we see all the time. They go forth in every direction and soar the world. For us, this image captures the idea of a shared ministry. It conveys the multiplying affect of each person taking the message of Christ out into the world.

The center dove represents Christ and by intersecting the other doves and setting them at a transparency, the center dove is “in all to all.”

Great project. Creative committee.

To God be the glory!


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  1. Di, what an excellent job you did taking the ramblings of a few people and turn it into a work of art that will establish our brand and serve our conference well. Blessings, and to God be the Glory!


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