Planning a conference? Call Michelle Eggert, LLC

Michelle Eggert, CMP, ConferenceDirect
I first got to know Michelle Eggert, CMP, several years ago when we worked together for a Church & Change Conference. Michelle was directing it, as she’s done for each of this organization’s conferences, and I designed its promotional collateral. We’ve been doing conferences together since.

Working with Michelle is always fun—you never know where she’s at when talking with her on the phone. As director of global accounts for ConferenceDirect, Michelle jet-sets all across the country, completing site inspections at hotels and negotiating contracts with the most favorable terms for her clients. This woman knows how to execute excellent contracts and events.

Michelle was looking for a promotional postcard to mail to potential clients. The card incorporates the ConferenceDirect logo and colors, and allows Michelle and her colleagues to personalize it with their own business cards.

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