New Year: New Plan


A few days ago I completely dismantled my computer keyboard. It had been getting a bit sticky and rather than running out and buying a new one, I figured I’d give cleaning a shot. Yes, it was a bit tedious (and grosse!) but I got it apart, wiped it out carefully and put it back together—all without mishap.

Amazing what a little cleaning does!

My annual business plan is kind of the same. Each January, I dismantle my business, check it out carefully, and then put it back together. I examine my previous year and set goals for the new year.

Reflection on 2009 shows the year was as hard on the graphic design industry as it was on any other. Designers found themselves doing more for less, and needing skills in an ever-growing spectrum of technology. Yet, 2009 was also good for designers. Tough economic times demand tough marketing, and we all know that requires good design!

So, I’ve got my business plan set for the new year. I’ve listed my goals. I’ve made plans to accomplish them. Most importantly, I’ve determined how to best serve you, my customer, and how together we can make your business look its best in 2010.

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