Feeling Welcomed

A story regarding education on today’s National Public Radio stated that even in overly large classrooms, when the teacher stands outside the door and greets students as they come in,  they feel more welcomed and individualized.

Such a simple thing. And so very true.

As adults, we haven’t outgrown the need to feel welcomed. Isn’t it nice when the pastor greets you at the church door? And what about members of the congregation? Isn’t welcoming to have them receive you as well?

Such a simple way of communicating the love of Christ. Welcome!

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  1. My pastors greet us when we come to church and I think it’s great. For newcomers, it’s very comforting to be acknowledged and welcomed. My congregation is large. Often we don’t know if someone is a guest or a member. However, a pastor does.

    What I really like is when the pastor directs members to say hello during some part of the service. There are many times people want to be gracious, but for whatever reason, they hold back. Receiving direction from the pastor, however, eliminates this hesitation. It forces us to reach out and be friendly.

    You never know when a warm smile and handshake is just the thing a person needs for the day. For some, that’s the only caring, physical contact they ever receive.


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