What’s With the Name?

So, what is with my business name?

I admit the name Adunate (ä-doo-NÄ-tay) is a bit foreign. And yes, it’s usually mispronounced and draws a few questions. But that’s okay. It offers me a great opportunity to explain its concept and the work I do for my customers.

Adunate is Latin for “unite, or integrate” (for all you linguistics out there, it’s actually the imperative tense of the verb adunare). Successful visual communication integrates both words and design, and as a writer and graphic designer I specialize in both. I unite words and design for all your communication needs.

Adunate works for other reasons as well. Like, it puts me up front in the alphabetical listings. And adunate.com was an available URL—a major feat nowadays. And finally, after all these years, I get to use the Latin I studied in high school!



Adunate: Uniting words and design for all your communication needs

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