JWR, Inc., Johnson Creek, WI


JWR Web Site Goes Live!

After many months of diligent teamwork, JWR Inc., of Johnson Creek, Wis., is making its new online debut.

JWR is one of the nation’s leading waste and recycling companies. Starting in 1972 as a small welding and repair shop, JWR is now a major provider of recycling equipment and service to manufacturing, retail, health, food and other industries.

JWR management was looking for a total redesign of its previous website. They wanted a clean, clear and contemporary site that educates viewers of waste and recycling needs and sells JWR as the solution.

As a progressive and growing company, JWR regularly communicates its news to the public. It also offers ongoing sales of used equipment. To do this, JWR staff wanted access to their website yet didn’t want to “mess up any coding.” Together, we incorporated Contribute, a content management program by Adobe, that allows staff to maintain their site to the degree they wish.

This proved to be a most interesting project! In addition to learning the ropes of waste and recycling, I feel environmentally green in my contribution to a viable and sustainable industry.


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