Church Design Matters

Church design matters…at least hundreds at the HOW Design Conference thought so.

In a recent posting in Church Marketing Sucks, guest blogger Michael Buckingham writes of his exciting opportunity to present a church marketing and design topic at the HOW Design Conference. For those of you unfamiliar to the industry, HOW is a leader in graphic design publications and conferences. It’s not exactly the conference you’d expect to host a church-related topic.

Buckingham writes that he anticipated “maybe a half-dozen people” to show up for his portion of the conference. Instead it was standing room only. And not only did people come, they discussed, asked questions and stayed afterward.

How exciting is that?!

This is an awesome affirmation of God’s hand at work. It’s great to see people recognizing the need for quality graphic design in church communications. And it’s fantastic to know we can learn from what normally is an extremely secular industry and apply it to our spiritual mission.

God works in wondrous ways!

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  1. Thanks for kind words. It was a great opportunity and I’m excited that so many people enjoyed the session…many saying it was their highlight.

    I’m sure there were many people that rolled their eyes when they read about the ‘church’ session figuring that it was a group that was so far behind. So when they got word that the session was on the mark, I hope it made them stop rolling their eyes and instead turn their head.

    My biggest goal was for God to be glorified and I really think he was.


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