Church Newsletter 202: Imagery

We’ve determined newsletters play an important role in church communications. We’ve also covered the basics of creating that important newsletter. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of attracting those readers.

While there are many elements of good newsletter design, first and foremost is the fact that a newsletter must be more than words. As babies, we see before we talk. As children, we look at pictures before we read. As adults, we’re drawn to photos before words.

Good images tell the story even before words do. They draw the reader into the words in search of more information.

What makes a good image? Well, what makes up your congregation? People, right? By nature, people are most interested in other people and studies show images of people capture our attention first. Narrow the field even further and we’re most drawn to faces, namely the eyes.

What about clip art? Yes, clip art has its place and sometimes the church newsletter is it. The problem with clip art, however, is it’s quickly outdated and very stylized. Use clip art with care. Maintain a consistent style throughout the newsletter.

More graphic elements
Imagery, such as photos and clipart, are graphic elements. But words also can be graphic elements. Pull quotes—segments of text pulled from the main text and emphasized with larger type or decorative elements such as lines or a box—are an example of words that are graphic elements. Titles done in large decorative styles are also graphic elements.

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