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A contract job from a contractor!

A country girl at heart, I enjoy working on projects brought to me by ReQuest Ltd., of Verona, Wis. ReQuest provides global solutions for the Agri-Food industry and periodically contracts me to design the overall look for web sites they produce for clients.

For this project, the National Dairy Herd Information (DHIA), who is sponsoring the 2008 ICAR, contracted ReQuest, who then contracted me.

Whew! Did you get all that?

DHIA was looking for an uncomplicated home and sub-page design to which they (ReQuest) could easily add up-to-date information on the upcoming conference. They wanted to highlight the Niagara Falls location while still emphasizing the nature of the conference.

Using grids and livestock photography, I mirrored the design concept used in the ICAR promotional brochure. I also gave Niagara Falls images featured placement, which carries the theme very well.

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